What is Community as a Campus?

The Humboldt Park “Community as a Campus” (CAAC) is a community-wide education initiative founded in 2011 and is anchored by the Puerto Rican Cultural Center of Chicago. The CAAC seeks to create an educational pipeline from Pre-K to 16 that will be supplemented with wrap-around services provided by partnering community agencies. The centerpiece of the initiative is the revitalization of Roberto Clemente Community Academy and the enhancement of the participating elementary feeder schools. In all, the CAAC education initiative coordinates services to 17 schools with the assistance of eight community-based nonprofits. 

How we work for the families of Humboldt Park

Overall, the CAAC aims to improve educational offerings and outcomes at the school level, increase parent engagement and continuing education opportunities, and provide youth with opportunities to participate in civic engagement and pathways to careers. The CAAC will build off its success by aligning the IB curriculum from the participating 1B elementary schools to Roberto Clemente Community Academy and the expansion of Dual Language and STEM programs. Through the efforts of three education institutes, Teacher/Administrator, Parent Popular and Youth Leadership the CAAC has organized a community wide sports program for elementary schools, a Band initiative to strengthen school bands and provide students with additional music training, and an attendance support program that builds relationship with parents. In addition, an Adult Education Bridge programs in Manufacturing, Health and Information Technology. 

The Components of this Initiative Includes: 

  • Parent Popular Education Institute 
  • Youth Leadership Institute 
  • Teachers/Administrator Institute 
  • Community Engagement 

Our Mission and Core Values